My name is Dean Ariel, I am a medical student in Tel Aviv university who is fascinated by life and by the diversity of ways of life, all over the world, and on any scale: from nano to infinity and beyond, if I may use buzz lightyear's words.


I love to observe, to expand the scope of seeing and to learn. Thus, photography for me is another way of capturing bits of our home-planet.  

At present, alongside people, model and urban photography, I focus on landscapes and nature.

I would say that in the world of photography, it is very common for photographers to catch the moment with their lenses and freeze it. I see myself differently. As a landscape photographer, I want to create an everlasting moment rather than freeze it. I would go to the other side of the world to create what I’ve seen in my mind. 

Till now I have visited dozens of countries, and collected many memories, stories and photos. I plan to broaden this collection and I invite you to join me.

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